Indian spices such as green and black cardamon, turmeric, maze and cynamon


All Biryani dishes are for pre-order only, so select what you are fancy, add it to your cart and enjoy as early as a day later.​ We accept pre-orders for up to 30 days in advance, so you can choose date which suits you best. When ready, Biryani can be collected from GL5 1 or delivered to your door for an extra charge of £2 within the 3 miles radius from above postcode. For more details about our collection and delivery policy, please click here.

Bespoke/Party option (Between10 - 20 portions)

Having a bigger gathering and planning to serve Indian food? Good news is we can help! If you notify us in advance, we can organise a bigger pot of Biryani for your special occasion, house party, dine-in or biryani night. Prices will depend on number of portions and type of biryani required, so please complete the contact form here or call us to discuss details. We will ask for a small deposit for the pot, which once returned will be refunded to you. 

For full allergen information please click here

Keeping or Returning the Clay Pots and Clay Glasses

If you prefer, you may keep the pot and glasses.

(First soak them in warm water for a few minutes to loosen the food. Wash them using a soft bristle brush or a non-metallic scrubbing pad. Use baking soda if necessary, but not soap or detergent. Do not put the pot or glasses through a dishwasher.)

Alternatively, you may return the pot and glasses, when your next order is delivered/collected; and I shall give you in return a discount of £3.00 for each set. 

(Naturally, we can only accept as returns pots that are clean and fit for re-use.)